Tulikivi Modern Power Heaters

 Modern Power Heaters combine high heat capacity with interior appeal.

Modern Power Heaters contain a large soapstone mass with advanced combustion technology reducing the amount of firewood. These fireplaces can be combined with with the building’s water heat exchange system. Wood pellets are an option too. A modern power heater is ideal for well insulated and low energy buildings.

The heart of the power heaters is made of soapstone and you can choose from a large number of different cladding options. The power heaters have a stylish appearance and when you look through the large horizontally oriented door it looks just like an open fire. The fireplaces are air-tight and beat even the toughest emission standards. There are options for models to be used as space dividers in the middle of the room (open on both sides) and for models that are installed against the wall.

Series 2