Tulikivi Lightweight Fireplaces and Lightweight Convection Quick Heaters

These fireplaces are well suited to provide warmth in low energy buildings and can also take wood pellets. Their new compact firebox makes them easy to fit in small places.

The Tulikivi lightweight fireplaces are stylish and intelligent fireplaces. The quantity of soapstone within the heater ensures they have good heat retaining properties. This collection has a elegant yet simple look and the 3 dimensional cast ceramic surface gives the lightweight fireplaces an appealing finishing touch. The airtight double glazed door is recessed and safe to use.

Lightweight Convection/Quick heaters (KAIRA series)

The models from the KAIRA series are mainly convection (air) heaters that also have good heat retaining properties. Combustion is controlled automatically. They heat up quickly and are excellently suited for for smaller rooms and holiday homes. They do not need a separate foundation.

Serie 3