Tulikivi soapstone stoves are one-of-a-kind

heat storing, fuel saving fireplaces


  • Tulikivi soapstone stoves brings warmth and comfort.
  • Tulikivi soapstone stoves are a complete and finished product.
  • A Tulikivi soapstone stove is a woodburning heat accumulating soapstone fireplace.
  • An electric heating option is also possible for most of the Tulikivi soapstone stove models. Read more..
  • Installation usually takes 3 to 7 days on a prepared site.
  • Tulikivi soapstone is mined from quarries in Finland. This ancient natural stone contains all the properties to build a top of the range fireplace.
  • The heat accumulating capacity of a Tulikivi soapstone stove is very high, the heat conduction fast and the radiation long-lasting.
  • Soapstone holds 2.5 times more heat than bricks, and conducts it 7 times faster.
  • The quality of the Tulikivi soapstone stove that we deliver is precise and consistent. The many advantages of the Tulikivi system combine to create a value packed investment for your home and the enjoyment of life.
  • Please find a range of models below, for more comprehensive model and detailled information visit www.tulikivi.com

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Tulikivi fireplaces are available as Serie 1 (Classic), Serie 2 (Middle to heavy weight) or Serie 3 (Light weight) models. Although all models can be installed in any type of building, the Series 2 and 3 models are developed for the more modern and better insulated homes. The serie 3 heaters are better suited for smaller areas and so called “passive energy homes”.

The Serie 1 models are the classic and more heavy models with the greatest heat storing capacity. They are classic, but that does not mean that the are old fashioned, since these models, like the series 2 and 3, adhere to the strict EN 15250 regulation of the European Union, the Rosenheim building biology institution and the Frauenhofer institution (radio activity).

Compared to series 1, series 2 and 3 models have an improved air tightness from stove to room and an insulated cavity wall that can be used to install water or electric back-up heating. Serie 3 also have double glazed doors for improved combustion and insulation levels.