Lightweight soapstone stoves have been skilfully produced by Altech since 1983. These wood burning soapstone stoves consist of a cast iron frame set in with solid slabs of heat retaining soapstone and come in a choice of models and colours. They continue to radiate their heat for many hours after the fire has gone. Most of the models are available with or without wood storage section and also with or without bake oven.
The soapstone mass of the Altech  stoves will continue to radiate heat to your room for 6 to 12 hours after the fire has gone out, depending on the model.
 Eclips series

The ECLIPS is build following the counterflow / downdraft principle, known from Finovens. This means that the flue gases are guided through the stove in a 2 metre long channel, during which they transfer their heat to the soapstone.

The Eclips models can be extended with a wood storage compartment and also have the option of a bakeoven.

Technical specification Eclips model, connection height and weight differ between various models of the Eclips range.

Fuel: Wood
Heating capacity: 40 – 150 m3
Useful capacity: 4 – 9 kW
Connection to chimney: At the back or on top
Pipe diameter: 150 mm
Height connection: 63 – 127 cm
Weight: 200 – 345 Kg
Stove height: 80 – 144 cm. Width: 62 cm. Depth: 42 cm.

Torus series

The timeless, austere design of the Torus series blends in harmoniously with any present day living room, and will almost certainly continue to adorn your interior 15 years from now. This unique range of wood-burning stoves is set to survive any whim of fashion with ease. And the Torus stands out for environmental and financial reasons as well. Its efficiency and heat emission will still set the standard far into the future. The solid stone cladding (with a thickness of 7.5 cm for the fire box) used in the Torus series guarantees an enormous heat storage capacity.
Technical specification TORUS model , connection height and weight differ between various models of the TORUS range.

Fuel: Wood
Heating capacity: +/- 40 – 135 m3
Useful capacity: 3 – 8 kW
Connection to chimney: At the top
Pipe diameter: 150 mm
Weight: 180 – 245 Kg
Stove height: 73 – 117 cm. Width: 51 cm. Depth: 42.

Ecosy series

Sustainable, environmentally neutral, price-conscious but also of course, cosy and comfortable. The new Ecosy from Altech has it all. Not only by name but, indeed, also by nature.

The Altech Ecosy is a totally new model of wood stove with a familiar appearance. Its combustion system is an advancement on the trusted techniques of the Altech Vision. Thus combustion takes place in a 50 cm wide fire box which can easily cope with larger blocks of wood. The complete double-hulled soapstone walls (5 cm on the outside and 2.5 cm internally) gives the fireplace its large heat storage capacity so that the pleasant “sunny warmth” can still be felt 10 hours after the last block of wood has burnt.

The operation of the stove is proverbially simple, with only one button you can control the entire stove. The Ecosy itself takes care of optimal combustion. This always gives you the maximum return on your wood and at the same time ensures a minimum of emissions and ash.
Fuel: Wood
Heating capacity: 40 – 210 m3
Useful capacity: 4 – 11 kW
Connection to chimney: On top
Pipe diameter: 150 mm
Weight: 210 – 260 kg
Stove height: 80 -100 cm. Width: 61 cm. Depth: 43 cm.

Vision series

Soapstone is the best material for stoves, because this natural stone is even more heat-resistant than cast iron. It accumulates heat very efficiently and gives off a mild radiant heat, even long after the fire has gone. Altech has been manufacturering unique soapstone stoves in a cast iron frame since 1983. This combination is not only attractive, but also offers many practical advantages.

Vision Gourmet Gastronom

These heaters have a ceramic or steel plate directly heated by the fire in the oven of the Vision Gourmet Gastronom  or in the firebox of the Vision Gastronom.

Vision Canada

For those who do not wish to have a baking oven or a heat retaining section, it is possible to have their own family coat of arms, initials or a drawing sandblasted onto the stove using a completely new technique. This gives the Vision Canada a unique and individual appearance.

Technical specification VISION, connection height and weight differ between various models of the VISION range.

Fuel: Wood
Heating capacity: 80 – 180 m3
Useful capacity: 5 – 13 kW
Connection to chimney: At the back or on top
Pipe diameter: 150 mm
Height connection: 54 – 83 cm
Weight: 220 – 310 Kg
Stove height: 71 – 101 cm. Width:69 cm. Depth:66 cm.

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